4 Inch Newtonian Maksutov

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This Mak was built in 1963 from scratch. It has a basic focal length of 12" and is f3.3. There is a barlow before the diagonal making it f6.6. It is driven by a governed 3000 rpm motor and geared down to 1 revolution per sidereal day.

See below for details on the finder scope..

The finder scope lens can be seen in the central obstruction in the lens - that of course is what holds the diagonal. But it also houses a small finder lens that brings its image to focus in the same plane of the telescope by means of a rotatable aluminized prism. The field of the finder is approximately 6 degrees.

The top round knob on the side of the mount is the adjustable clutch/bearing. Next is the slow motion control and last is the cover for the optical encoder on the declination axis.


Mak in it's carrying case.
Table top equatorial mount showing Astro Master go-to computer.
RETURN TO HOME PAGE Mak on equatorial field tripod.